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Hello, my name is Ros Simmons and I run the real speaking company.

The voice work I do is varied, wide ranging and always interesting! I am a voice and accent coach specialising in teaching accents and dialects to professional and student actors. I coach clients who have English as a second language and wish to reduce their accent sounds and I help to soften English regional sounds for those speakers requiring a more neutral accent.

My work also involves coaching business clients who want to build their vocal confidence and improve their presentation skills in order to attract business and promote clear and dynamic communication skills.

I coach privately, in a one to one setting, mainly from my base in North London. I work also in drama schools and on film sets and theatres and in workplace settings. The work is intensive and detailed but the rewards are high and confidence building. All coaching sessions are tailor made to suit individual needs.

My aim is always to create an atmosphere which is light-hearted yet focused. I can help you engage with your voice confidently to find energy, clarity and commitment.

Ros Simmons   Accent and Dialect Coach · Voice Coach

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