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Accents and Dialects

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Learning a new accent can be a challenge. Actors need to be precise and consistent in order to convince. The public are astute and highly critical; everyone has an opinion! Through regular practise, muscle memory and a creative and physical approach, these new sounds become natural; an unconscious part of yourself and true to the character you inhabit.

“I want to thank you for your wonderful gift of teaching me a German accent, you have inspired me.”
Rose-Marie, Singer Actress

"Every cast member in this ensemble piece caught the subtle cadences of the North Carolina dialect." Jeremy Mailies, theatre critic, on "Dark of the Moon" at the Jermyn Theatre

“Both L and I felt very confident with our accents. Many, many thanks for helping us out and giving us the skills to deliver a realistic slice of Scottish life.” John Deverell, Actor

I teach many different accents and dialects. Highly popular and top of many actors’ lists is General American, so important for British actors to acquire. I work with actors in theatre, film and television and have taught accents at several leading London drama schools. For the last six years I have worked at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, providing voice and accent support for their Musical Theatre Department productions, working with students and professional directors.

"Ros, thank you for all your amazing hard work on Parade - you did such a great job and were so sympathetic to my needs and requirements." Tim Luscome, Director, Parade.

“I would like to thank you for a wonderful session with the dialect work. You have a very relaxed approach and made J and C feel safe and willing to play. It's been a pleasure working with you.” Chris Williams, Producer, Liberty Studios, California.

"I have always felt confident after being coached by Ros. She is an excellent teacher who I have enjoyed working with on numerous movies and television productions." Kelly Brook, Actress

· for film and television productions I am represented by Representation Upson Edwards, 01782 827222.

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